Monotony and bordom adieu! The Monster Music App will help you to discover your unexplored, music talent and compose your very own tune. Choose one out of five sounds on your virtual Monster-Glockenspiel or Monster-Koto and create something unforgettable or just enjoy the instrumental ride! The Monster Music App is for IPad and you can download it for free on the App Store right now!

Current Version: 1.1

What's up next?
- version for ipad + iphone
- small animations update.
- New background images in the main game

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Is the Music Monster App for free?

Yes, it is. You can download the Music Monster App for free.

Is the Music Monster App just for I-Pad?

Yes, it is just for I-Pad. But a version for I-Phone is in development.

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Who made it

The Music Monster App is programmed by Martin Hammerschmidt

Illustrations are made by Eugen Laitenberger (Gunee)

Themesong and Sounds were recorded by Gunee & Eugen

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Get it on the App Store

Get the Music Monster App for free on the App Store:

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© Martin Hammerschmidt & Eugen Laitenberger (Gunee) | Impressum | Kontakt